Day 248 – End of Summer Blues

“It’s a cruel, cruel summer, now you’re gone.” – Bananarama  Today’s quote came about when this song came over the radio which went perfectly along with today’s planned blog topic. It’s coming to the end of Labor Day weekend now and we are starting our goodbyes for summer. Many people may be sad that theContinue reading “Day 248 – End of Summer Blues”

Day 246 – La Festa Italiana

“FESTIVALS ARE HAPPY PLACES, AND YOU DON’T REALLY WANT TO ENJOY THEM ON YOUR OWN. “–  CHRISTINE AND THE QUEENS Today and this weekend is about getting some friend and family time in at the Italian Festival. Amalia and I love going every year because the food is amazing and it’s a great way toContinue reading “Day 246 – La Festa Italiana”