Day 204 – Enjoying Home

“There’s no place like home.” – Dorothy, Judy Garland “Home wasn’t built in a day.” – Jane Sherwood Ace I already briefly mentioned how it was nice to come back to normalcy from all the travel. With this, comes the little things that are so nice with being home. Today is the perfect example. WeContinue reading “Day 204 – Enjoying Home”

Day 198 – Wizard of Oz

“If we walk far enough, we shall sometime come to someplace.” – Dorothy, Wizard of Oz Minimalism Everyday is currently vacationing in California. Today is flight day, never fun and usually at least a little bit stressful. WIsh us luck. Although we hate to leave nice places, you know what Dorothy says, there’s no placeContinue reading “Day 198 – Wizard of Oz”