Day 208 – Little Big Planet

One of the ways I like to make it through the day to day grind is to have something to look forward to. It’s my little big plan-it, a play of words with a great PlayStation game called Little, Big, Plan it. Plan for little things and big things to get you through each weekContinue reading “Day 208 – Little Big Planet”

Day 207 – If Only, Only If

“He sighed and knew that life was full of ‘if only’ for everyone.” – Colin Dexter If only we started a blog 207 days ago, think of how far we would be. Things aren’t just going to happen, they happen only if you make it so. So I decided to write about if onlys todayContinue reading “Day 207 – If Only, Only If”

Day 206 – Catch Up Time

“The secret of getting things done is to act.” – Dante Alighieri This past weekend TJ and I got caught up on a lot of different things we’ve been putting off due to how busy we’ve been. Instead of agreeing to plans the whole weekend like we usually do, we said no to a fewContinue reading “Day 206 – Catch Up Time”

Day 205 – Adding Value

If it doesn’t add value, it’s waste” – Henry Ford “The best way to add value to yourself is by adding value to other people.” -John Maxwell So we talk a lot about the items we get rid of during our 360 in 365 challenge to declutter one item a day. Has it been helped?Continue reading “Day 205 – Adding Value”

Day 204 – Enjoying Home

“There’s no place like home.” – Dorothy, Judy Garland “Home wasn’t built in a day.” – Jane Sherwood Ace I already briefly mentioned how it was nice to come back to normalcy from all the travel. With this, comes the little things that are so nice with being home. Today is the perfect example. WeContinue reading “Day 204 – Enjoying Home”

Day 203 – The New Guy

“Being the new guy’s always great because you get to go in fresh with your own choices and you get to bring new life and breath and a new energy into something that’s already established.” – Dustin Clare I applied for and received a promotion a few months back. I had the interview right beforeContinue reading “Day 203 – The New Guy”

Day 202 – Cruisin’ The Coastline

“We learn best in moments of enjoyment.” – Ralph C. Smedley TJ and I got back from California a few days ago and we are adjusting back to our normal lives. It was a fantastic trip and it was my first time on the west coast let alone California. It was great to spend timeContinue reading “Day 202 – Cruisin’ The Coastline”

Day 201 – Improvise

“You adapt. You overcome. You improvise.” – Clint Eastwood First thing first, it’s nice to be back to live blogging. I was very tired writing the last 12 posts in one night prior to leaving for California so I apologize if there were any overlooked grammatical errors but that’s in the past now. Also, WOOH,Continue reading “Day 201 – Improvise”

Day 200 – A truckload

“What do we live for, if not to make life less difficult for each other?” -George Eliot Minimalism Everyday is still currently vacationing even though we are home from California. Tomorrow is our day back to doing the show live, well the blog but you know what I mean. I hope you enjoyed the littleContinue reading “Day 200 – A truckload”

Day 199 – Christmas in July

“Christmas isn’t a season, it’s a feeling.” -Edna Ferber Minimalism Everyday is still currently vacationing however we should be home from California. I did this last time as well. I like to give ourselves a nice one to two day buffer after our trips to catch up with tasks around the house. Expect a postContinue reading “Day 199 – Christmas in July”