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Day 365 – The Finale

“It’s not just about getting rid of things, it’s about relying on things less and focusing on enjoying life more.” – Day 3 ’21 “Just because something is within your means doesn’t mean you should buy it.” – Day 4 ’21 Don’t give anything unworthy of your attention the time of day.” – Day 312Continue reading “Day 365 – The Finale”

Day 360 – Time with Friends

“Longtime friends are family that we choose.” -Patrick Regan Today marks challenge accomplished for the 360 in 365 challenge. It’s a great accomplishment for us having decluttered at least one item a day for 360 days straight. Don’t worry we plan on finishing the year strong and talking about our journey. But for tonight, weContinue reading “Day 360 – Time with Friends”


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