Day 339 – Kind Gestures

“Being kind makes a difference for everyone involved.” – TJ

It’s story time. A few days ago, Amalia and I got home from work and shopping and I was kind of in a rush to run to a haircut. We were carrying stuff inside from work and the store when I noticed the UPS driver across the street. One of the last things in the car was some leftover Krispe Kreme donuts. These were brought into Amalia’s office today and not all of them got snagged. I knew that these would most likely not all get eaten in our house since there was just two of us. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to offer the UPS driver a donut on this dark, cold, Winter afternoon. He was walking back from the house when I said, “Hey, would you like a glazed donut?” He was so surprised and said “Yea, thank you so much.” I could tell he had a long day and that he really appreciated the gesture. This was nothing to us, we still have some donuts on the counter that will most likely make their way to the garbage at some point. However, to someone else, it could mean a smile or a mood change. The reason I’m telling you this is because even the smallest kind gesture or smallest donation could end up meaning something to someone, so why not try to be positive and go for it within your means. My challenge for you is to try to do something nice for someone this week if you have the chance. It could just help both their mood and yours. If nothing else, maybe you’ll get some donuts out of the deal and who doesn’t love a nice donut every once in a while.

Item 339 of 360+

Today’s decluttered item is a Gryffindor long sleeve shirt from Amalia. Gryffindor house all the way but unfortunately it was time to move on from this shirt as she hasn’t it worn it in a while. We hope another wizard from House Gryffindor will find this gem after donation.

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