Day 336 – One Crate Less

“Set an expiration date for the items in your closet.” -Elizabeth Larkin

One small step for me, one giant leap for space in our closet! After almost a year of decluttering items and clothing, I officially was able to get rid of an entire big crate worth of clothing that I used to use for swapping clothes in and out for the seasons. It felt so good moving that crate to the basement. We plan on getting rid of some boxes we use for storing the things we need and utilizing that crate for something else now, which is fantastic. This really just demonstrates how much progress we have made with decluttering this year. I have so much less clothes and guess what? Everyday, I wake up and I can still have plenty of options to wear. What’s the difference? I only have the stuff I want to wear, the extra is gone! There is no more sentimental nor undersized/oversized clothing, it’s all reasonable attire that I have plans to wear. This will always be a project but my fear of getting rid of things no longer exists and it’s because when you do something for nearly a year straight, it’s like second nature. We hope this helps as motivation to hit some of your goals this December and in the new year.

Our quote today is from Elizabeth Larkin who has a great read about signs to get rid of your clothes. Read it if you’re interested in some more inspiration. Click below!

Item 336 of 360+

Today’s decluttered item is a Jaylon Smith jersey from Amalia. He is no longer with the team and she has another jersey to wear so she decided to donate this one. Go Cowboys!

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