Day 332 – Christmas Cozy

“When I’m home, I like a cozy, comfortable, calming space.” – Stacy Keibler

Well, we are back from another one of our fun-filled trips and it’s time to settle back into being home. Missing a holiday, Thanksgiving, was weird this year as it was the first time we had done so. Coming back after Thanksgiving really fast forwards you into Christmas mode. So, naturally TJ and I dragged all of the Christmas décor out of the basement and went to town decorating the house. It will be our second Christmas in the home and yesterday was marked a year of closing on our house. We are super grateful and happy with our home. It’s especially nice during the holidays to decorate it and make it your own. Nothing crazy, but a Christmas tree, some lights, and a good Christmas movie can really get you into the holiday spirit. I feel so much cozier at home during Christmas as I’m sure a lot of you do as well. I like people to feel like they’re comfortable when they come to our home so I try to make it as cozy as possible. What types of things do you do to make your home more comfortable? A soft blanket on the couch, cookies baking in the oven, or that special nightlight in the hallway? You don’t have to spend a lot and accumulate a lot of things to make yourselves feel comfortable around the home… you’d be surprised with what little you’d be content with.

Item 332 of 360+

Today’s item is a pair of TJ’s slippers he hardly wore because they were too tight. He held onto them because they were new but there’s no need to keep them around if someone else can use them. Especially this winter season.

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