Day 322 – Pressure Items

“Let pressure pass over and through you. That way you can’t harmed by it.” – Brian Herbert

We are nearing the Holiday season. This means presents, presents, presents!! So let’s dive into the one type of present that I like to call “Pressure Items” or “Presents with Pressure”. Did you ever receive a gift of a shirt that’s too small, a hat that you know you’ll never wear or something in general you can’t see yourself using. This is a gift that keeps on giving.. pressure. It’s those items that we keep around because someone special got it for us. STOP right there and think about it. If you are close with someone, no true friend or family will make you feel bad about a gift, especially if it was from years ago. This is the time before the new stuff comes piling in to get rid of ANYTHING that’s unnecessary. And yes, that anything does include these items with a little extra pressure and meaning. True meaning when it comes to things is usage and memories. A thing doesn’t need to be in front of you to remember it, in fact a picture can spark a memory just as easy. So all that is left is the use of items. If you can’t use it and it doesn’t add value, be rid of it! This is why the saying is “love people and use things, because the opposite never works”. Good luck with your pressure items and presents and start the week countdown to TURKEY DAY!

Item 322 of 360+

Today’s decluttered items are some ethernet cables from the junk drawer again. Another reminder to get after your cluttered spots in your house.

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