Day 321 – Junk Drawer

“Don’t let junk pile up in a drawer or anywhere for that matter. The more junk you accept, the less likely you are to get rid of it.” – TJ

I was surprised to find no quotes about junk drawers on the internet! I guess I’ll be the first to make one then. Junk drawers are lazy. Do we still currently have one? Yes. But we have one less thanks to finally getting around to this daunting task last week. I had a little junk cabinet with wires and things that I never even wanted to open because things would fall out. An overfilled cabinet that never gets opened is a big RED FLAG. This was one thing I knew I would have to do prior to completing this minimalism 360 in 365 challenge. It felt great and I hope this post will make you think about that nagging junk drawer in your house. Sure, you may need some of the things in there but create some order and get rid of the unnecessary stuff that piled up. Then try your best to keep it that way by not compiling more stuff. This is my plan going forward. For the next few days, you can expect some random decluttered items that I decided to get rid of thanks to the previously known as “Junk cabinet”. Now it’s just a regular cabinet that can open/close with only important stuff inside and some breathing room on top of it.

Item 321 of 360+

Today’s decluttered item is a USB cable and a power cord that I had laying around just in case. I no longer saw a need for them so off they went with the trash.

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