Day 320 – Back at it Again

“Guess who’s back, back again. Shady’s back, tell a friend.” – Eminem

We took a trip to Colorado and it was amazing. This was no vacation, this was an adventure to uncharted land for me. Amalia has been there twice now so she was basically a seasoned veteran. Just to give some highlights, we ventured to Denver, Golden, Ft. Collins, and Colorado Springs in just four days. We visited Buffalo Bill’s grave, went to a Colorado Avalanche hockey game, rode a UTV in Estes park, and got to roam through the Gardens of the Gods. Looking back on it, I’m not sure how we pulled it all off but it will be quite the memory forever.

This trip also gave me some more time to brainstorm some new things to talk about in upcoming posts. While riding backseat through the mountains, I would think of random things and jot them down to write about. It is nice to have some subjects for the final push. This experience thus far has me feeling a combination of accomplished and overwhelmed. This challenge has tested both Amalia and I at times but we pushed through and have conquered it for 320 days straight. It’s not something that ever quite leaves my mind anymore and I am actually looking forward to the first of next year when I won’t be writing a blog everyday. At the same time, part of me will miss it. The most important part is it will always be a nice memory for me and I will always strive to not have an overcluttered house. These are just some of my preliminary thoughts prior to this last month and a half. Before we jump ahead though, we plan on enjoying everyday until the end of the year, so buckle up and come for the ride on the final stretch.

Item 320 of 360+

Today’s decluttered item is a hat. In Colorado, the AirBnB we stayed at had an outdoor hot tub on the roof. Now it wasn’t the warmest but the hot tub was warm enough to make up for it. Pre-planning for the trip, I saw this hat that I was going to get rid of because of a hole on the one side. Instead of throwing it out, I had one of those light bulb over my head moments. Why not bring the hat to Colorado and use it as a hot tub hat. So that’s exactly what I did, it was like the grand finale for a hat that I got plenty of use out of. Now it’s final resting place is Colorado and I am happy to move on from an old hat.

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