Day 310 – Out with the Old

“So, I close my eyes to old ends and open my heart to new beginnings.” -Nick Frederickson

Today TJ and I got a brand new electric fireplace console for our living room. It was an early Christmas present from TJs mom and we love it! It’s not like we didn’t have a TV stand prior, so now we have extra furniture in the house. Instead of keeping everything, we moved things around and kept our old TV stand for a different purpose and got rid of a coffee table in its place. When you add something to your home, try to get rid of an item in its place. That way, you don’t accumulate extra clutter. Out with the old and in with the new as they say! When we set up our new fireplace and moved the other furniture around, we cleaned and tidied up and even got rid of extra stuff! We started to get into the groove and improved the house a bit since we felt good bringing something new into the home. Turns out, taking old stuff out of the house feels just as good as bringing in the new! Something to remember as Christmas gifts start finding their way into your home this holiday season.

Item 310 of 360+

Today’s decluttered item is another clothing item from Amalia. We hope this will get used by someone else who needs it for work or for going out somewhere fun.

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