Day 302 – Preparation

“Tidy room, tidy mind.” – Unknown

Tomorrow’s our Halloween Party and we are busy getting the house ready tonight for tomorrow’s festivities. This will be one of our first parties we will be hosting in our new home with our friends. As we are getting ready, you notice how much stuff you have. We got rid of a few items in the process of cleaning and straightening the house. It’s also easy to go overboard when buying decorations and supplies when hosting parties. Be sure to be mindful of how much you get and if it’s really necessary. Another thing to note is if you’ll get use out of it again. These are factors that can help you avoid the clutter piling up in your home. With the holidays coming up, it’s especially important to keep these in mind when buying gifts and hosting holiday parties. Well, time to get ready for my favorite holiday!

Item 302 of 360+

Today’s item is one of my old pairs of socks. I loved these socks a lot and they got a lot of wear out of them. So much wear, that a hole has appeared in the toe. Time to say goodbye rather than holding onto them!

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