Day 301 – Unexpected Nights

“No expectations means there is no risk of disappointment.” – Jude Morgan

Do you ever make plans or not even make plans and when you go throughout your day or night, it turned out way different than you expected? Well, tonight was one of those nights for me and TJ. We went out with some friends I have from work and we all formed a friend group where we go out occasionally to catch up. Tonight I organized a trivia night with the group as we have been looking for one for a while and finally made it happen. I like to go into things with no expectations personally so that I’m pleasantly surprised on how events turn out and keep myself from disappointment. However, when you go out with certain groups of friends, you know which ones are the fun ones and will always turn into a good night.

So, I slightly had some expectations going into tonight based upon the fun friend group I was going with. Let’s just say, the night turned out even greater than expected. The bar we went to turned out to be it’s first trivia night and the laughs, jokes, and busting each other made the night even better. Let’s just say things got heated and I ended up in a dance off battle with a stranger. We laughed so much and had a great time just enjoying each other’s company. I don’t really have too much of a point tonight other than just enjoy the moment and let the night take you as it’ll be pleasantly surprising. Let’s just say I can’t forget a night like tonight even if I wanted to! haha

Item 301 of 360+

Today’s item is an old pair of TJ’s shorts that are too big on him now and won’t have any use keeping. Time to get rid of these old tennis shorts!

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