Day 298 – We’re Back!

“Never regret anything that made you smile.” – Mark Twain

Well, TJ and I are back from our fun-filled wedding weekend for our dear friends Peter and Maddesen (The New Mr. and Mrs. Inirio). To say that TJ and I are tired today is an understatement. We may have very well taken a year off of our lives this weekend with all the fun we had and let me tell you, it was well worth it! Best to live in the moment and have no regrets! We were so fortunate to have both been able to be there for our friends together on their sides on their wedding day. My throbbing feet are a reminder of having such a great night, enjoying it with our friends.

We are at a crazy time in our lives now when our friends are getting married and having babies. It is this crucial time when you find out who’s really special to you that you want involved in your life as these are the biggest moments you share with them. It is our last wedding this year but still many more to share with our dearest friends and family to come. Now as we enter the holiday season portion of the year, it’s a time where TJ and I reflect on our greatest moments from the past year and throw parties to show those close to us that we love to spend time with them.

Item 298 of 360+

Today’s item is one of TJ’s old sweatshirts that we actually both decided it was time to get rid of. It was funny, it accidentally fell into the garbage can in our bedroom and I asked, “oh is this an item then?” and TJ was like oh no, I didn’t put that there. Then we both thought about it and he was like yeah… I actually should probably get rid of this old thing anyway.

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