Day 289 – Snacky

“Everyone I know is looking for solace, hope and a tasty snack.” – Maira Kalman

“Think before you snack.” – Hua Mulan

Everyday after work and on the weekends I have been falling victim of feeling snacky and snacking on pretty much anything available. It’s been a problem especially with the readily available candy everywhere in preparation for Halloween. I have no plans of completely cutting out the candy but it would be nice to not get too off track with being healthy. I have been testing out something the last week that I thought would be fun to share with everyone. Last week I was with my buddy and I watched him bring out cucumbers to snack on and said “what’s up with the cucs?” He said that he liked to eat them as snacks. I ate one and I liked just crunching on it. Then it hit me, LIGHTBULB! What if I just snacked on veggies to hold me over until dinner.

Fast forward to this week, I went to the store and bought cucumbers, carrots and different greens for dinner sides. Every time I was feeling snacky this week I just started slamming a cucumber and carrots and guess what? It worked! It curved my appetite with healthy veggies that have vitamins and not a lot of calories. I plan on keeping this up and seeing how it goes. Now I still plan on eating some candy for dessert in a limited fashion. We also still plan on eating out but I can already tell that this simple change will make a big difference in my overall health. Try it out and lettuce know what you think.

Item 289 of 360+

Today’s item is a pair of “nifty tools” as TJ named this picture. They are going to be a lot more useful to someone else rather than us. Time to let someone else use these perfectly good tools we don’t need.

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