Day 288 – Improve the Mood

“Move a muscle, make your mood.” – My Dad, Fergal

Or something like that… my dad mentioned this to me today when I called him. He said, you sound very happy, you must be in good spirits. I told him that I actually had been in an terrible mood earlier this morning and that I was trying my best to get out of that bad mood. He then said what I made the quote for today. He said if you’re feeling down and sorry for yourself while moping around the house, get up. Move a muscle as he says. The movement gets you into a better mood and makes your day more productive.

I got myself out of my mood by getting outside with my husband to pick out pumpkins, calling my dad to chat, and going out for lunch. This drastically improved my mood and although it seems easier to just stay at home and sulk, believe me, get outside. Even if it’s for a walk, get outside and do something to move a muscle. I hope this helped someone else because I’ve been caught in the cycle myself where I feel it would be easier to just stay in my own misery and not deal with anyone or anything else. However, it has never helped. Getting outside though and moving around, that usually does the trick.

Item 288 of 360+

Today’s item is a tool belt that TJ never uses or has use for so he is getting rid of it. Less space taken up on the work bench means more space for projects!

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