Day 286 – Halloween Costumes

“We came, we saw, we kicked its ass.” – Dr. Peter Venkman, Ghostbusters (1984)

How does one trying to declutter their things  get a Halloween costume? Our answer was with some creativity. We could not avoid buying some items but we kept it cheap. The main parts of our costume was the fun part. Amalia and I decided it would be best to either try to make it with fabric or go to the Goodwill to see if we could borrow something. So today we ventured to the Goodwill to check out what they had and came away very happy. Now I don’t want to spoil our costumes just yet but the best part is, when we’re done with the clothes we can just donate them again. It’s an easy way to find things you need for a costume without holding onto unnecessary items afterwards. Our challenge to everyone else is to do something similar for their costume instead of ordering everything online and sticking it in a closet somewhere. Get creative and have fun with it! We are officially in the Halloween spirit, well I should say I am now. Amalia has been in the spirit since October 1st, maybe even earlier.

Item 286 of 360+

Today’s decluttered item is a Rehoboth beach t shirt from Amalia. A good memory from a vacation years ago but the shirt isn’t being used anymore. hopefully someone else can enjoy this shirt now.

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