Day 284 – Wishing Well

“Have a funeral for what you wish was…” – Ryan Nicodemus

“Wishing was” is wish-wash! Stop wishing things were different and start letting go of this burden on yourself. Instead, let’s use your energy to focus the present. This is a reminder to all of us. What do you do when you find yourself wishing things were different? For me, it’s something that’s a constant work in progress but I have had noteworthy growth this past year. Now when I think about what was or think about how things could be better, I take a big figurative, sometimes literal step back and a deep breath. Then it’s time for me to think about the present and all the positive things that are going on. Learn from the past but never think too much about changing things that can never change. Instead, think about the now, about how great things are and can be if you live your best life today. If you find yourself with the desire to wish, wish well for others and yourself in the present and the future.

Item 284 of 360+

Today’s decluttered item is a pair of Amalia’s pants that shrank in our washer unfortunately. These pants are really cool but they are just a thing, so if they can’t be worn anymore it’s time to move on. Luckily, they are still in wearable condition so we hope someone will be able to use these in the future!

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