Day 281 – Weddings

“A gloomy guest fits not a wedding feast.” – Friedrich Schiller

I know we talked a lot about weddings when it was our wedding back in May, however, we didn’t talk about being at them as a guest. TJ and I planned the wedding and as some of you know from reading our older posts, it’s a handful planning a wedding and there’s a lot to talk about there with that perspective. We have a wedding tomorrow for a friend and it’s a total different perspective of weddings when you’re the guest rather than the one planning it. Also, you have a totally new perspective of weddings after you’ve been married. For example, as a guest, you have very little worries. Just, make sure you have the card, you get there on time, and you dress correctly for the occasion without looking like a fool. When you go to a wedding as a guest after you’ve had yours, you’re no longer “looking for ideas or inspiration” you are just relaxing and enjoying your time.

TJ and I went to a wedding after ours already which was out in California and we had a blast and had a carefree, fun time with our friends. Tomorrow, I’m sure the same outcome will be. Weddings are so fun and with COVID pushing back ours leaving me to plan a wedding twice plus a small wedding ceremony, I got a bit discouraged from weddings. I’m so glad I bounced right back and am able to enjoy them again and be so happy to be there for the people we are there for to celebrate their big day. This is to you Brittany and AJ whom are getting married tomorrow! May you have a great wedding day you’ll never forget and an everlasting marriage!

Item 281 of 360+

Today’s item is another article of clothing that was at TJ’s parent’s house that he’s parting with. It was a cool Cowboys jersey but no longer is relevant or worn so time to let go!

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