Day 269 – Impulse

“Time is your friend; impulse is your enemy.” -John C. Bogle

“I have a slight contrarian impulse I can’t seem to shake.” – John F. Kennedy Jr. 

Impulse is the enemy. Thanks for reading have a gre…. Sometimes I wish it was that easy. No, but seriously, think about it. When I was younger, i learned not to impulse buy things. When we were at a store, my Mom would say “what do you need that for?”. It’s the truth and can be applied to pretty much any impulse purchase. Don’t buy things quickly. I like to put thought into my purchases, especially since we have been decluttering our items. When I go to buy something online, I try to ask “do I really need this item?” It also helps to leave it in your cart for a night and sleeping on it. The biggest purchase Amalia and I made this year was probably experiences and then our bed. By experiences, I mean our wedding; travel to California, upcoming travel to Colorado and upcoming travel to the Cowboys game. If this is your most expensive purchase each year, you are winning the game of life congratulations. Our bed was another big purchase. This purchase didn’t happen overnight, in fact I did a plethora of research and patiently waited for a deal. This is how we should treat almost all household items. Money is time spent on work, make sure to use it wisely. Less impulse, more thoughts, planning and winning life.

Item 269 of 360+

Today’s decluttered item is some more headbands. We have been brainstorming about where to hit next for decluttering. Something we discussed was trying to go through our basement that has some things we haven’t used since we moved in 10 months ago. Those will be great candidates to help us with the final push of decluttering one item or more a day for 360 days this year (hopefully 365 days).

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