Day 266 – Self Recognition

“Don’t worry when you are not recognized, but strive to be worthy of recognition.” – Abraham Lincoln

“Self-recognition, the self-contemplation of spirit is the primary movement out of which all creativeness proceeds. -Paul Twitchell

It’s important to give yourself some self recognition when working on long term goals. For Amalia and I, recognition is in order for our journey thus far with the blog and the decluttering of 266+ items to date this year. I remember when we just started this adventure on Day 1 and then hitting Day 100… I was so happy and proud of what we had done but I would be lying if I didn’t have my doubts. What truly helped was having Amalia along the way and doing it together. Some nights she writes the blogs and gives me a well needed break and vice versa. Vacations and traveling was something I thought could get in the way but we have prevailed by writing the posts beforehand and having some fun with it. Now there are 99 days left in the year. 99 more items to join the others that have gone so far this year. The past items no longer take up space in our house, it is very freeing and it feels good to know the impact we have made on our lives and hopefully others lives with the donations. I am excited to see this challenge through and hope this inspires just one other person to do something they want to do. When I put my mind to something and follow through with consistent effort, it may not be perfect but its hard not to love the results. Don’t be afraid to be proud of yourself and don’t be afraid to set goals for yourself regardless of what others think.

Item 266 of 360+

Today’s decluttered item I named the “Ozzy, feeling the bern” sunglasses. These glasses were used by Amalia for a Halloween costume a few years back. She was Bernie in Weekend at Bernies. Recently, she put them on and I called her Ozzy Ozborn and thus the name was born. These glasses have been donated and hopefully someone else can find a use for them in their Halloween costume this year.

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