Day 248 – End of Summer Blues

“It’s a cruel, cruel summer, now you’re gone.” – Bananarama 

Today’s quote came about when this song came over the radio which went perfectly along with today’s planned blog topic. It’s coming to the end of Labor Day weekend now and we are starting our goodbyes for summer. Many people may be sad that the fan favorite season has come to an end, however, there’s much to be happy about. I reflected on all of the great things I did this summer; got to have the big wedding with our family and friends, honeymooned in Aruba, went across the country to California to celebrate a dear friend’s wedding and spend some time with great family, and spent time with friends just hanging out and enjoying the summer fun.

We have had a great jam-packed summer and I’m grateful for everything we were able to enjoy rather than looking at it ending. I’m glad it even happened and that we had the memories we did during this wonderful season. Now, on to my personal favorite season; fall! See, always something to look forward to. Something else to add, we’ve been 2.5 seasons into the blog post challenge this year! We’ve made it another season and continued our goal. You may be unhappy that “the cruel summer” is gone but be grateful that it happened, cherish what you’ve done, and look forward to another wonderful season ahead!

Item 248 of 360+

Today’s item is a scary I had that I never used. It was given out free at a Race for the Cure walk and I took one. I never needed it and never wore it aside from that day. If it’s free, it’s not always for me! 

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