Day 245 – Less Expectations

“Your happiness is moderated by your expectations.” – Joshua Fields Millburn

Last years and the years before, a lot of my focus and time was spent on expectations. It’s something I have improved on this year. If you walk into an event or activity with high expectations well then only best possible scenario can meet it and anything less will be a let down. A lot of these expectations that float around will cause grief and overthinking. Less expectations will lead to more of a chance for happiness. Nothing is guaranteed happiness but having a better chance can’t hurt. The last thing that has helped me is figuring out that happiness isn’t a destination, we can’t keep trying to get there, it’s there for the taking today. Less expectations, more happiness. I’ll tell you what makes me happy, a nice little 4-day holiday weekend with good food and relaxation in sight and most importantly, no unrealistic expectations clouding the way. 

Item 245 of 360+

Today’s decluttered item is a lanyard Amalia isn’t going to use anymore. These are the type of items that usually gather dust when they aren’t in use so we’re happy to get rid of it.

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