Day 244 – Cabinet Clutter

“You can’t reach for anything new if your hands are still full of yesterday’s junk.” – Louise Smith

Today I made a little tea and coffee tray in the corner of the kitchen. I’ve been wanting to create a little tea/coffee corner and I already had a cute tray to use. I started to piece together the display and I realized all of the things I had stuffed in the cabinets. I had unopened tea boxes, old spare tea bags and stuff, and coffee that I didn’t know we had. It spark something within me so I started to clear out the chip basket, the tool/plastic bag drawer, and the pantry cabinet as well.

I had so many old, stale bags of chips taking up room in the basket. The drawer was stuffed with so many plastic bags that they were pushed to the top and behind the drawer so it didn’t seem like there were that many bags. The pantry cabinet had a few expired jars of food, old opened crackers that weren’t put away, and food that I bought a while back that we never finished. I ended up tossing a lot and I have so much more room in our cabinets. Mind you, we only moved into our house about 9 months ago. We had already accumulated so much crap in our kitchen cabinets and I didn’t realize it because we couldn’t see everything. I’d been buying more and more stuff and just putting the new stuff on top of the old. You get used to having to stuff boxes into cabinets and don’t often stop to think about what’s actually taking up all this room in those cabinets. Stay mindful of this because you don’t know what could be creeping behind!

Item 244 of 360+

Today’s item is a bunch of plastic grocery store bags. We keep these for small garbage cans and our pup’s poop. We accumulated way too many!

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