Day 240 – Mend Your Mind

“Life can be a gold mine, if you got a good mind…” – Ken Yates

We are officially 2/3’s complete towards our goal with zero missed days! Every day we have posted a de-cluttered item and wrote a little something to go with it. It’s always on our minds but it’s something achievable; it’s something we can do everyday and I think we’ve proved that by now. I wish us luck in the last home stretch. There will be holidays and some trips, but I think we will succeed and hit our goal of 360 plus days. On this Saturday, I just wanted to take the time to remind you to not forget about your mind. If you are overwhelmed, take a day to yourself and mend your mind. If I find myself in a bad position, sometimes all it takes is a step back to realize things really aren’t so bad. It really can all be in your mind and taking a day or however long you need goes a long way for mental health. Walking into a situation with a clear mind versus a frustrated mind can create very different outcomes and almost always, the clear mind will be the best option. The quote today sums it up well, a good mind can take you a long way.

Item 240 of 360+ 

Today’s item for the 2/3’s mark is an old Zeke Elliot jersey shirt Amalia had. She wore it so much, that it has worn out and it’s time to get rid of it. She will most certainly get a new shirt though to replace it since she loves the Cowboys and wore this shirt well.

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