Day 236 – On Repeat

“I’m trying to be very aware of not repeating myself.” – Christoph Waltz

Have you ever just kept listening to the same songs over and over again? It’s a rut I find myself in quite often. I finally snapped out of it yesterday and started putting on podcasts on instead. It makes such a big difference. I like music a lot but there needs to be some balance. It’s a vicious cycle where I find new music I like and then listen to it far too much almost to the point of getting sick of it. Then, I go and find more music and do it again. Music is great for car rides and in the shower but when I have an hour or more in the gym, it’s a great time to take advantage of learning about something. If you ever find yourself in a rut, sometimes it’s best to just take a step back and think about what’s been going on. Sometimes it’s something as simple as listening to too much music. It sounds a bit silly or simple but it’s already been a breath of fresh air yesterday and today. 

Item 236 of 360+

Today’s decluttered item is a USA tye dyed tanktop from Amalia. She had her fun with this shirt but no longer plans to wear it. The decision was easy to donate it to someone else that can wear it.

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