Day 235 – Creeping Clutter

“The question of what you want to own is also the question of how you want to live your life.” – Marie Kondo

How many places in your home are you hiding clutter? There’s many places clutter can be lurking that we don’t even realize. Today I was clearing out my closet (a project I’ve tasked myself with over the past few days) and continued going through some things. I didn’t realize I had so many purses, backpacks, and cosmetic bags because they were all stored in a larger bag! I had no idea what was in there because it wasn’t in plain sight. Inside that bag were wallets as well; inside these wallets were old store cards, gift cards, and receipts. This was unknown clutter as well due to not being able to see it. We put things away for the season changes, when moving, and even when just tidying up. The longer these things sit out of plain sight, the more you realize you didn’t miss it unless you were specifically looking for it.

We tend to forget what was ever there once it’s been hidden. This logic sparked with me and it has made it easy to get rid of items during our 360 in 365 challenge. If I don’t go looking for it or when I end up finding it and I’m not overjoyed due to it’s newfound discovery, I get rid of it. Clutter is accumulating so quickly in places we don’t realize, and in my circumstance, it was the closet. I will try to be more conscious when moving things and aware of how much I’m accumulating by not hiding it away moving forward.

Item 235 of 360+

Today’s item is the seating chart TJ and I made together for our wedding. Of course it’s Princess Bride themed, it’s so cute isn’t it!? We repurposed it out of an old pallet and we no longer had a use for it so we got rid of it.

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