Day 231 – Drive-In Date

“Time, attention and energy. These are the things that worry me.” – TJ T.

Sometimes you just got to do something spontaneous and fun with your significant other during the work week. Not only does it improve your relationship by spending time together, but it also creates a better mood overall. Doing something to break up your routine or your stressful work week, for example, can really add value to your life and your partner’s as well. 

Our spontaneous date idea was going to the Drive-In theater on a Thursday night to see Caddyshack. This was unique for us and very fun. However, your dates that can break up your week can consist of going for pizza on Tuesdays, watching your favorite show together an hour before bedtime, or playing tennis on Wednesdays etc. These small dates spread out throughout your work week can really benefit your stress, complacency, and relationships. If you didn’t have anything to look forward to except for the weekends, then Mondays must suck so much extra for you! Time to add something to your week to break it up and make it worthwhile! Kick back, relax, and enjoy something you love; don’t just save it for the weekend. 

Item 231 of 360+

Today’s decluttered item is our bed set from, you guess it, the old bed. These have been with us for quite some time, in fact I used these throughout college and they followed us to our house. It’s time for these to go now to join the old bed as clutter now removed from our house and lives.

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