Day 230 – Reach Out

“What’s a dentist’s favorite time of the day? Tooth Hurty…” – Unknown

“Sometimes, reaching out and taking someone’s hand is the beginning of a journey. At other times, it is allowing another to take yours.” -Vera Nazarian

I apologize in advance (well not really) for the joke but I couldn’t resist to celebrate the 230th day of this year and the 230th post of course. It had been a while since the last time I sat down and played games with a friend group. Out on a limb last week, I messaged them and just said, hey we should really play something and catch up. It was that simple, yesterday we all got together online and played a fun game together called Pico Park, a puzzle game for up to 8 players. It was a blast and I’m just so glad we were able to do it. Now we’re talking about doing it weekly again and it just goes to show that it’s worth reaching out to your friends. My challenge for you is to go catch up with someone that you haven’t talked to in a while and I bet you will be pleasantly surprised!

Item 230 of 360+

Today’s decluttered item is some sort of makeup bag. There was a few of these Amalia found that she wasn’t using so she decided to give them to someone else who would appreciate them.

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