Day 220 – Rail Trail

When we woke up this morning, we looked at the weather outside and knew right away that we had to go out and enjoy it. It was one of those unplanned days where the world was our oyster and we took advantage of it. Amalia asked me what I thought we should do and my answer was simple, tennis, bike ride or trails. It just so happens we did two out of three and went on the Delaware and Hudson (D&H) Rail Trail for the first time with our bikes. It was a great ride and we were so happy to enjoy the nice weather. New experiences plus being able to enjoy the summer is a win-win, something we have been making a healthy habit out of recently. We hope to continue down this path as this is part of our goal, to focus less on things and more on experiences. On day 220, I’m happy to report the decision has been a life changing one.

Item 220 of 360+

Today’s decluttered item is a couple of chairs we no longer need. They have been hanging out in the living room ever since we got our new table from friends. With the dumpster out in the front of our house, we knew it was time for these guys to go. They were very nice but they became quite wobbly with structural problems in the wood so it was time to move on from them. Goodbye chairs, hello more space!

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