Day 208 – Little Big Planet

One of the ways I like to make it through the day to day grind is to have something to look forward to. It’s my little big plan-it, a play of words with a great PlayStation game called Little, Big, Plan it. Plan for little things and big things to get you through each week while still trying to make the most out of everyday of course. No matter what, there must be time for work to earn your time for play, it’s all about balance. So let’s see what the next little big plans look like.

Q1: What’s the next little thing to look forward to?

Besides a good night’s rest tonight, this weekend we are planning to go to TACO FEST. This weekend is going to be great, it’s a combination of great friends, tacos and margaritas!! It doesn’t get much better than that and has me excited on this taco Tuesday. Disclaimer: I didn’t have any tacos tonight to make this weekend even more special. We also plan to have a lake weekend soon to go hangout and enjoy one of the best parts of PA which is the awesome lake life.

Q2: What’s the next big thing to look forward to?

Well if taco fest wasn’t big enough (it is), we do have some big events to look forward to in the near future. We have a few weddings coming up, one of which Amalia and I are both a part of the wedding party. We can’t wait to partay and celebrate other people, woot woot. In terms of trips, we have more plans incoming. Now I know what you’re thinking, haven’t you done enough this year? The answer is yes but we can’t get enough of the good times this year. We are excited to be going to Colorado with friends and then to the Dallas Cowboys game for Turkey day. Just saying both of those leave me with a smile on my face, as I do some cardio on the elliptical in the gym while writing this post. What are some of your little big plans you have to look forward to?

Item 208 of 360+

Today’s decluttered item is a runner that has some wear and tear. Well, I must say, I am partially responsible for the messes because there were a few spill incidences on it. No big deal though, it’s just an item and now it’s time to declutter!

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