Day 206 – Catch Up Time

“The secret of getting things done is to act.” – Dante Alighieri

This past weekend TJ and I got caught up on a lot of different things we’ve been putting off due to how busy we’ve been. Instead of agreeing to plans the whole weekend like we usually do, we said no to a few but kept some still because who wants a 100% chore-filled weekend? We got caught up on things around the house, finished up on wedding stuff (yes, it’s STILL creating tasks for us even when it’s over), and we ran some errands. I made a To Do list and made it manageable. As we have stated before in previous posts, it’s important to set realistic goals and try not to overwhelm yourself. So, we set a reasonable list of tasks and started working on the list together. We didn’t get everything accomplished (which was expected) and we are just happy with the fact that we got some tasks completed.

Putting things off adds stress to your life which wears on every aspect of, well, your life! I am a serial procrastinator and it’s difficult to manage a lot of things, especially with attention issues. Short lists of tasks and setting aside time to get at least one or two things crossed off my list seems like an easy task but it is a huge step towards less stress. We will always have things to do but as long as we keep up on completing tasks, things won’t pile up as much creating this overwhelming stress.

Item 206 of 360+

Today’s item is a pair of little baby socks. TJ got them with a pair of socks he got and well, we aren’t having babies yet haha so need need to keep these right now!

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