Day 204 – Enjoying Home

“There’s no place like home.” – Dorothy, Judy Garland

“Home wasn’t built in a day.” – Jane Sherwood Ace

I already briefly mentioned how it was nice to come back to normalcy from all the travel. With this, comes the little things that are so nice with being home. Today is the perfect example. We were off today, got to catch up on sleep, went to our favorite coffee shop near our house, took a walk in the park, did some chores around the house and had a nice bike ride on a near by trail. It’s all so nice and something you almost take for granted if you don’t step back and see all the little joys of being home and not having anything planned for once. It was one of those relaxation days and it was overdue! If you are feeling a little run down, take a break and enjoy the simple things. Today was free, other than the cup of coffee, and full of relaxing fun and it was just what the doctor prescribed after so much travel and adventure.

Item 204 of 360+

Today’s decluttered items are small in size but it’s still a step forward of getting rid of crap we don’t need. Neither of these items have never been used and there was no plan of using them so why keep them around.

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