Day 203 – The New Guy

“Being the new guy’s always great because you get to go in fresh with your own choices and you get to bring new life and breath and a new energy into something that’s already established.” – Dustin Clare

I applied for and received a promotion a few months back. I had the interview right before the wedding in May and felt really good about it. Guess what? I got the job, now you probably already knew that based on the title of the blog but it’s all in good fun. Today marks the last day of my first week in my new job. My takeaway is that it’s an amazing environment to be in so far. Everyone seems to enjoy what they do, it’s an overall positive group and I have already been acquainted quite quickly with everyone, which feels great. The other exciting part is I see is the freedom to work on projects I want to do which is something I never really had before simply based on the type of engineering jobs I had. It’s so much different, I learned and read a ton and I’m just super excited to be in the new position. So I am the new guy for now but I did start with another person so at least the new guy island population is two. It’s always exciting starting something new and I am hoping for the best. It just adds to how great this year has been for me, let’s hope it never stops!

Item 203 of 360+

Today’s decluttered item is a pair of Apple headphones. There are so many of these in Apple phone users homes because they come with every iPhone. Now obviously, you only use one pair at a time and sometimes it’s good to keep one at work and one at home but other than that no one needs to keep extra. So bye-bye headphones, we will see you again when we need a new phone.

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