Day 188 – Hashtag Goals

“A goal without a plan is only a dream.” – Brian Tracy

Today is another follow-on episode to our everyday blog. We discussed the importance of getting the most out of each day and to do so I have set five important things to accomplish everyday to make the “normal” work day worth living. The first two which have been discussed now are exercise (health in general) and a to-do a day. Next on the list is working on your personal goals. Now of course, this may sound like a to-do but there is a key difference. This is something you want to do and is most likely being completed to improve yourself. For me, my goal this year is to try to find an item everyday, declutter it and write something about it. It gets the brain moving everyday and is helping us get rid of things we don’t really need. It’s a great mix of creativity, brainstorming and willpower to do it everyday and at the end of the day, it’s an overall positive experience everyday. Goals and to-dos can coincide when it’s something like working on the house to improve it for your everyday life while also improving your handyman skills. That’s even better because then you’re getting a two for one special and as the minimalists always say, less is more. Tomorrow we will dive into the fourth important thing. 

Item 188 of 360+

Today’s decluttered item is an old checkbook (ironically the first check used in this book was to put a down payment on my truck, which has since been sold for a lower, more manageable car payment, one of my earlier items on this blog). I have noticed most people like to keep paperwork like this around forever. Not us, I made sure my last check was cashed and to the garbage you go. We have to do this with more papers soon enough. Something Amalia did recently was organize our important papers into a binder, which was nice. The important thing however is sorting through what’s actually important and necessary in paper form. It’s becoming less and less with online storage, emails and things like that. I have all of my bills online and on autopay so at least those have stopped piling up, every little thing like that helps.

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