Day 186 – Sweet Dreams

“Sleep is like the golden chain that binds our health and body together.” – Thomas Dekker

There are some things in life worth spending money on and one of those things is a decent mattress. You spend a good chunk of your life on that thing which you rely on to predict how your next day will be. If you get a crappy nights sleep and your back is out of whack, you will tend to be in a bad mood that day. Plus, even a trip to the chiropractor may be in your future. 

TJ and I just got a new memory foam “bed in a box” mattress. It was time to switch around the mattresses and get a newer, bigger one for ourselves. The turning point for needing a new mattress came about when we got back from Aruba and both woke up with pinched nerves the next morning after being back home. The old one we were using will be in our spare room now and the other old one that was in the spare room is now at TJ’s grandmother’s house. One of the beds in her home broke and instead of her going out and buying a new one, we gave her our old one! I’d say that counts towards minimalism! We are very excited to try out our new mattress and get a good night’s rest. Until then, TJ and I will be busy putting together our new bed frame and headboard for the rest of tonight. Talk about needing a good night’s rest!  

Item 186 of 360+

Today’s item is an older eyeshadow pallet I had lying around. I used it a few different times but ended up with more eyeshadow pallets and better ones so this one became obsolete. This sat in my room for way too long. It’s time to get rid of it now.

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