Day 140 – Overworked and Overtired

“Do not overwork the mind any more than the body; do everything with moderation.” – Francis Bacon

Throughout the past year and a half or so since the pandemic, a lot of us have put our vacations on hold and some have been working from home as well. The mix of these two, at least in my case, has been the perfect combination for me to not take any time off from work. I mean, why would I need to take time off work now anyway? I have nothing else to do, and I can work from the comfort of my own home without having to drive in every day. This is the life!! Wrong. I found out the hard way that you still need to take time off for yourself. Away from work and away from your daily stresses in life. It took me over a year to figure it out, but I can safely say I’m burnt out. The constant wedding planning hasn’t helped and we aren’t taking a honeymoon right away either which probably wasn’t the best decision now that I think about it…. however, we haven’t made the time to relax and de-stress. 

Vacations and time off are about taking some “you time” and enjoying life. TJ and I haven’t taken time off of work in a while and realize it’s important to schedule it in no matter what the circumstances are. Sure working from home and not being able to go to some distant country may lead you to think “why bother take any time off?” That’s what we thought and TJ and I couldn’t be more tired or stressed Out. This has been probably the most stressful year for most people and you’d think this would be the time we absolutely need to take time off! TJ said the other day that he’d love to just go to an island or beach somewhere and relax.. I thought to myself, where’s my husband and what did you do to him? Haha TJ has never wanted to relax in his life just because he loves moving around so much, even on vacations. However, this past year has just been so insane, even TJ can use a breather, and that’s saying a lot! I suggest you go for that vacation or even just a few days off to enjoy the upcoming summer because you deserve it. Your body, your mind, and your loved ones will thank you!  

Item 140 of 360+

Today’s item is a pair of jean shorts or “jorts” TJ had. He wore these like once for a joke down in Disney World and I haven’t let him out of the house with these on ever since. I mean, we have a social status to uphold, ya know? Maybe someone else will find them cool.

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