Day 128 – Just House Things

“If I had my life to live over again, I’d be a plumber.” – Albert Einstein

Well I don’t know if I agree or disagree with this quote. Today was a long day of house work and outside work. There will always be these types of days and I enjoyed it but now I am of course dead tired. My Dad and I did some work with the water pipes so I thought it would be only FITTING (punny) to use Albert Einstein’s quote. We got to play plumber today and it wasn’t so bad. Then we got to play lumberjack today with cutting some wood outside. The important part is, both of these actions help me in the future. We needed the pipe fixed so now there is no leaking water and one less thing to do with the house. The wood cutting was multipurpose as they needed to be cleared from my Dad’s house and now they are cut and ready for summer fires. There is not many things than sitting around a fire in the summer, I’m excited to that soon. One thing I do not envy however, is the smell of all of my clothes the day after with that deep campfire smell. Well time for bed as tomorrow is a well deserved day for the Mothers.

Item 128 of 360+

Plenty of meals have been made in today’s item. My favorite was always making breakfast as I love making eggs to start off my day. It’s getting old and has some wear and tear on the bottom of it. We were lucky enough to receive a new frying pan set and there is no reason to keep this around anymore.

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