Day 125 – Tidy Up

“Clean up your own mess.” – Robert Fulghum

Today I straightened up the house. It feels good to get tasks done and get your house in order. If your house isn’t in order, your life is likely not either. I find bliss in having a clean home and organization is key to having an orderly household. I’m not talking about controlling the house or being a warden of the household. However, just having a simple cleaning schedule in the home helps with health and wellness of your life. Today, I focused on the kitchen and the new wedding gifts we received from the bridal shower. I started putting the new things away and instead of just putting the newer things with the old, I got rid of all of the older kitchen items. Every time you buy a newer version of something, you should think about getting rid of the older one because you’ll end up with multiples and a cluttered home. If you don’t get rid of these multiples, they’ll continue multiplying as you bring newer things into the home. This eventually leads to hoarding which is the antithesis of an orderly and clean home. Once you introduce clutter and hoarding into your home, you introduce chaos into your life. A bit extreme, I know, but it’s at least my take on this. Getting rid of these things and freeing up space in the kitchen cupboards was a nice feeling. I was happy to see the pile of items I got together from straightening up the kitchen today. Now I can focus on keeping a clean and tidy home while also helping others who may need these items I no longer have a use for.

Item 125 of 360+

Today’s item is a set of baking sheets. Yes, they have seen better days, I know. It is definitely time to let these babies go and free up room in our kitchen.

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