Day 122 – Creativity in Small Details

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” – Albert Einstein

I already briefly touched on this yesterday but our long awaited wedding is this month so expect it to be a reoccurring theme, a motif dare I say. I haven’t done a side note in a while but we need to talk about motif. Two things, one, shoutout to junior year English class for teaching me what motif means (Thanks Mrs. Hudak, Hudak Hurricane) and two… The first time I heard the word motif, I jokingly said it was a fancy hat. This was a running joke, so much, that I forgot the real meaning of the word motif during the test. I skipped the question but finally recalled the actual meaning by the end of the test but still of course put in parenthesis that it was a fancy hat. It’s funny how things like that happen, it’s such an odd thing to find funny, so unique that I wonder if it has ever happened before, most likely not which is very interesting. Am I done with my motif distraction? Yes. Was it worth it? For me, yes. I believe there is some creativity in finding a pretend meaning to a word for the first and last time in all of time due to its originality, but I digress.

So the wedding is only a few weeks away now and what’s left is the small details. It’s the little stuff for the theme, the random welcome bags, and favors to make our wedding more memorable and special. For me, I’ve been thinking about our weekend with the bridal party, the groomsmen, and the bridesmaids. This was the whole reason we picked our venue because we wanted a destination wedding close to home. What does this mean? Well, we wanted to get away for the weekend without actually leaving the area and worrying about flights and all that trouble. We fell in love with Lake Wallenpaupack which goes back to my roots and is just a great place for a wedding and a weekend getaway. It’s very important to me that we have a great weekend and just an overall awesome experience so I’m trying to get creative with things.

Without any spoilers, one of the things I already thought about was disconnecting one night. The first night of the weekend is for the boys and girls to have their separate party time, a play on the old fashioned bridal tradition. During this time, I think since all of us are there enjoying our time, there really is no need for cell phones. So, I am thinking about having a basket to keep the phones in for the night and anytime someone wants to look at their phone, it must be in small increments, and has a punishment of one shot of alcohol. It keeps it fun and keeps us focused on just hanging out with one another in the awesome house the first night (pool, sauna, movie theater, pool table, etc.). My hope is that we can all just enjoy each other’s company and just be content in the present with no worries about anything. This is a small detail but an important one and the weekend is filled with them; an event two and a half years in the making. We can’t wait to celebrate with everyone and just enjoy each other and all of our loved ones.

Item 122 of 360+

I have a love-hate relationship with today’s item. This is my first adult rain jacket and it comes with a funny story. My friend Peter had a rain jacket on the one day during a time where I was barely responsible enough to wear a sweatshirt when it was cold outside some time between end of high school and early college. My friend Ronnie and I seized the opportunity and bought rain jackets. It was a great idea to have a rain jacket and I loved the look of this jacket. I thought the colors were unique, however, it had one major flaw. This jacket attracts water, when it rains it gets drenched. Do I stay dry? Yes. But when I go to take off this jacket, it has so much water on it, that it’s almost impossible to not get water on you and wherever you put it, it will make a mess. I have now moved onto a superior rain jacket but I will always remember this jacket because it let me know the power of rain jackets and with great power comes great responsibility.

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