Day 115 – Family and Friends

“There is one happiness in this life, to love and be loved.” – George Sand

Today’s a little reflection on the past weekend as we celebrated my bridal shower. It was a tremendous experience and incredible fun. It was a great time to enjoy the friends and family that care so much about you and enjoy the time together. It was crazy because my mom and aunt picked me up and on our way to the bridal shower we all said how nervous we were. It hit me, we were all experiencing social anxiety since we hadn’t seen so many people in one setting in at least two years due to Covid. The effects of Covid will last on our generation for a long time. However, as things open up again due to Covid being handled better, we are able to appreciate our loved ones more and have much to look forward to now as we begin to start spending time with these precious loved ones once again. The future is looking brighter.

Item 115 of 360+

Today’s items are Amalia’s Cinderella-esque sparkly shoes. She has worn them plenty and I know she will miss them. They have aged some though and she is trying to clear up some space in her closet so she decided it was time to say goodbye to these shoes.

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