Day 109 – Finding Time

“The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.” – Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace.

If something is worth it, you find time to do it no matter how busy you are. In life, it’s important to prioritize things. Will you always make the right choice? Nope. I haven’t made all the right choices in my life but I have realized a few things. One, as I grow a bit older and wiser, giving time is the currency of friendships and life. It’s not really about the amount of it, but you want some quality time with your close ones whether that’s family or friends. It’s that effort to find time that will make things more meaningful.

The other thing I’ve learned about is having priorities. You need to live by your own set of rules meant to be stretched, but not broken. In order to stay healthy or in shape, you need to make time to prepare healthy meals and go to the gym. In order to keep friendships, you need to make time to help people when they need it or be there for them when it’s important. To conquer time, it takes time but you never truly conquer time. All I’m happy about is that this year I have maximized the amount of meaningful time spent whether that be with the people I love or just self-improvement. I’m hoping to continue down this road with less dependency on things and more time to spare for the “things” I love. 

Item 109 of 360+

Today’s item is a shirt Amalia didn’t wear. She was given the shirt as a present but was just taking up space in her closet. With the change of seasons she’s been getting rid of more clothes. Have you been clearing out your closets lately?

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