Day 102 – Control the Loss of Control

“When you can’t control what’s happening, challenge yourself to control the way you respond to what’s happening. That’s where your power is.” – Anonymous

The world right now is on edge, the weather is just starting to break for the warmer seasons and people are anxious to get out of their homes. This year year more than ever too with covid restrictions lifting and people getting vaccinated. However, there’s another group of anxious people. Except, these people are not anxious to get out of the house, they’re anxious due to being separated from social interactions and public places. From going to not seeing people to now seeing people is a lot for people to grasp mentally. It’s been tough quarantining for over a year and it’s taken a toll on us in different ways. Some cant wait to get out and see their friends, go to dinner with coworkers, plan summer parties/weddings etc. Others feel they’ve been alone for so long that they don’t want to lose the comfort of having control of their schedule of events as well as an escape from situations you’d rather not be in. When you’ve been cooped up and alone for an extended period of time, you become comfortable with having your own schedule and would rather cut out events that would trigger anxiety due to being around so many people that you haven’t been used to and in possible situations that are out of your control. I’ve spoken to a few members of my family that either are on the end of can’t wait to get out and see everyone and the other end of seeing others such as being afraid to get the mail in the mornings over the fear of someone seeing you.

Covid has really changed peoples anxiety levels and it’s been more than just the anxiety of fearing contracting covid. The best example I can think of about how people become comfortable with themselves is The Grinch. He had a traumatic experience that forced him into a situation where he’s wants/has to be alone now (quarantine due to covid) and he chooses to live alone for all those years (even after mandatory quarantine). He now has reservations about going back into the world even with Cindy Lou’s persistence (as covid restrictions lift, people choose to stay at home). The Grinch is too afraid to let himself become vulnerable and place himself in a possible other traumatic situation (covid pandemic being a traumatic experience for us all).

As restrictions lift, just keep in mind that this may be harder for others to acclimate themselves to this new “normal” environment. Covid changed a lot for us all and it’s important to remember that others may be affected differently over this past strange year.

Item 102 of 360+

Today’s item is a Dez Bryant jersey I have never worn, reference the two tags still on it. I wear Dallas Cowboys apparel and other Cowboys jerseys but see no need in keeping this one anymore. One last throw up of the X! Hopefully another Cowboys fan will be able to enjoy this jersey.

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