Day 96 – M n M’s

“Happiness depends on your mindset and attitude.” – Roy T. Bennett

The M&M’s for life to me are Mindset and Mentality. You can achieve a lot of things with a strong mindset and mentality. Life will always give you some sort of challenges or hurdles and the best way to get through them is you. This does not mean that you should do it all by yourself, other people can help you along the way and those people should be cherished. Last year was a challenge for me with the pandemic and some family headaches. Yet today and 2021 in general, I really think these challenges have made me an all around better person. This was achievable through my M&Ms, it’s that ‘keep on keeping on’ attitude. When you have a rough time sometimes you just need some time to heal and support around you, but at the end of the day, it’s up to your own self to figure out your path forward.

There are so many examples of things I do daily to support my M&Ms this year. For starters, I always try to exercise once a day. Even on rest days we usually take the dog for a walk which makes Luna a happy doggo as well. People question me on this constantly. They will say well can’t you just skip the gym today so you can spend more time with X? Well no, I really would prefer not to because like I have said before, it’s all about balance. There is time for enjoyment, there is time for health, there is time for work/learning, and there is time for sleep. I am lucky because with my M&Ms, the gym and working out is really one of my happy places where I destress and focus on me. Another example from today, I got my second dose of my vaccine. While others are talking about possible sick leave tomorrow, I was planning my workout for the night with a friend. It’s mind over matter. Yea my arm was sore, but I still wanted to workout and sometimes if you pretend like there isn’t a problem, if you have a strong M&M, things like that just don’t affect you. Maybe I’m just lucky, but maybe it truly is my M&M and it’s something I hope everyone else can try to incorporate/achieve in their lives as well. If you have any tips for helping your M&M, please share with us.

Item 096 of 360+

Today’s item is Assassin’s Creed Origins, a game I never finished and never plan on playing again. I went through a few different games to declutter from my collection to sell and this was one of them. Any game I don’t see myself playing again is not worth having anymore and I would much rather just sell it for some extra cash. Soon enough we will shift to clothing as we switch to summer clothes which means a whole new opportunity to declutter our unused or unnecessary apparel and donate them.

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