Day 89 – Question The Journey

“The only questions that really matter are the ones you ask yourself.” -Ursula K. Le Guin

“Before you start some work, always ask yourself three questions – Why am I doing it, what the results might be and will I be successful.” -Chanakya

So I got some inspiration from the quote above on some questions to ask ourselves today. The subject will be in regards to our decluttering journey. Feel free to answer these same questions about the same same question or a different subject and let us know if it helped you realize the importance of your goals. It’s always good to question yourself before and during your journey to make sure you know what you are searching for and think about how you can obtain it.

Q1. Why am I decluttering?

We are trying to get rid of the excess in our life. Item by item, day by day, getting rid of one thing at a time, one day at a time. It helps keep us on the track of minimalism, which is our overarching goal, to not be tied down by things and instead be living a simple life. With each item, we have the opportunity to help others and ourselves because we’re getting rid of something we don’t really need in our life that someone else may want/need. On top of that, we sometimes have the opportunity to make some money on the item, which helps us pay down our current debt on other items weighing us down in life. It truly is a great process and when you love the process, you can accomplish your goals with a smile on your face. 

Q2. What might the results be by the end?

The results will be what they will be. We will have less items, less stuff to worry about, which will hopefully result in having a more meaningful life where we can live in the moment. Our hope is that we can successfully declutter 360 items this year. Outside of that, we don’t know what the results will entail, all we can do is assume. We are excited to see where this journey takes us next and we hope to hit our goal of 360 items to demonstrate to others and more importantly ourselves that things are not everything. There is a lot of life to live and we hope to live on with less focus on material items and more on experiences with people and places. 

Q3. Will I be successful?

 With our goal, more than likely yes, but nothing in life is guaranteed. We are still very motivated and do plan to continue with our journey. True success is ending this journey as a better version of ourselves living a most meaningful life. 

Item 089 of 360+

Today’s item is one of the best phones I ever had. That full keyboard was so useful for texting, I wish the phone companies would bring it back. This was the phone with the commercials that said “DROOIID” in a robotic, droid voice. It will not be forgotten however there is absolutely no use for the phone anymore. For one, it no longer will hold a charge, it’s outdated and it’s not being used. So instead of it being stored away or thrown in a junk drawer, it will be decluttered. Thanks for the quick texts DROOIIID!

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