Day 83 – Say Yes to Less

“Whenever you say yes to something, there is less of you for something else. Make sure your yes is worth the less.” -Louie Giglio

It’s rare that you find someone who is doing too much living. In fact, it’s usually the opposite, it’s usually too much work or too many busy things. It wears on a person and it’s from our inability to say yes to less. It’s ok to say yes to less activities if you are too busy and to less things cluttering your life and schedule. I am infamous for overlapping times I give people or double booking by accident because there is too much stuff to do. 

Now don’t take me the wrong way, it’s ok to fill up your day with fun and adventure. It’s just important to not over-stretch your self. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, life is all about balance. So a less appealing way to say it is.. Say less to non-value adding activities in your or someone else’s life and instead go forth and set the world on fire, just not literally. I of course, sent my pithy phrase “say yes to less” into the Minimalists Joshua and Ryan and they gave me kudos with a “well said.” Why thank you, have a great rest of you day everybody. 

Item 083 of 360+

Today’s item as promised is part two of the box edition, a topic we discussed in depth yesterday, Day 82 Outside of the Box. These are some of the bigger boxes I kept around that did not involve apple products. A headset box, a laptop box and a ring doorbell box that we will never need again. They are now recycled because we said yes to less, less clutter and more freedom from things.

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