Day 82 – Outside of the Box

“Thinking outside of the box keeps you from suffocating inside of one.” ― Matshona Dhliwayo

Over the weekend, we did some spring cleaning and I came across so many boxes. It made me question why we kept boxes for so many items around. Let’s pose and answer some questions while we think outside of the box…

Q1: Is there a reason to keep boxes of items around?

Boxes on boxes with boxes in them. I used to save boxes just in case I had to return items. The key words there are “used to” and “just in case.” A few years ago, it was important to keep the original packaging for items but anymore, I really don’t think it matters. My most recent example of this was a Keurig that wasn’t working properly. The serial number was on the coffee maker, I called them, they told me to trash it and they would send me another one. It was so easy and the box that was sitting in the basement had nothing to do with the return. At the end of the day, we got another Keurig with another box. It’s safe to say the new norm is you don’t have to hold onto boxes so both Keurig boxes are now recycled and free from our basement. There just is no reason to hold onto boxes now so why would we? In fact, I can’t think of an item (in the last 5 years) I have had for more than a month that I ever needed a box for with one exception (SPOILER ALERT, this is our next Q&A).

Q2: What’s your new approach on getting rid of boxes?

My approach is simple, set a time limit for yourself and then get rid of of the box after that time has passed to prevent the accumulation of boxes. The time limit I plan on using is going to be a minimum of 0 days meaning get rid of it the day it’s opened, to a maximum of 30 days depending on the item. My exception to the rule is anything that will be sold in the future where having the box adds value to it. There are so many important parts to that sentence though so let’s break it down. Sold in the future means I actually have plan to sell it, not a just-in-case I plan to sell, it’s is a big difference. Also, the adding value with a box is applicable for example to gaming consoles. My one box I plan on saving is my Playstation 4 box because I will sell it in the future and the box does add value to it via eBay research. An example of boxes you likely have laying around that are not adding value are apple product boxes, BE GONE WITH THEM. See todays item for further details.

Item 082 of 360+

Today’s item is a small sample of the Apple product boxes I recycled this weekend. Please note the empty screen glass cover boxes that I kept around for no reason… We of course have a planned non-Apple version of boxes as well to declutter in the near future. Getting rid of boxes seems silly but every little bit of items you can declutter from your house really does feel great.

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