Day 78 – Looking Forward

“I don’t like looking back. I’m always constantly looking forward. I’m not the one to sort of sit and cry over spilt milk. I’m too busy looking for the next cow.” -Gordon Ramsay

One of the best practices for living a happy life is to have something you enjoy to do. I consider myself lucky because my list is pretty long with things I enjoy including anywhere from video games to playing tennis to going out to eat. Things may get busy from time to time and it’s easy to get lost in it but my secret always is to have something to look forward to. This honestly could be as simple as a planned hour of video games with a friend all the way to a planned week trip to Disney World. Now obviously, Disney would be king, but just having something to look forward to both something in the near future and something more down the road, goes a long way to your state of mind.

What made me think of this topic? Well, tomorrow we will be packing up our bikes to bring them down to our favorite bike shop, Old Mill Pine, to have them maintenance our bikes free of charge for the Spring/Summer. It’s an awesome feeling because we know that nice weather and plenty of bike rides are in our near future. Also, we have our friends travelling to come see us next weekend and it will be great to see them and catch up with them. So these are a couple of examples of something simple, but awesome, I am looking forward to in the near future. Some of the bigger things revolve around our big plans in the Summer which range from our wedding at the lake to our trip to California for our friend Alex’s wedding (and taking a ride down the coast after) to a possible trip to Arlington for a Dallas Cowboys game later in the year. With all of this to look forward in the near, intermediate and far range, it’s hard not to be in a great mood.

On a small side note, when looking for quotes today, I came across this Gordon Ramsay quote and I had to use it because not only was it relatable to the post but I have just been on a big kick of watching his show.. His reactions to eating food are just too funny and bring me enjoyment. It’s wildcard Friday so I feel like I’m allowed to have a side note, honestly there are no rules anyway, it’s our little blog zone to share, maybe someone will relate to this as well.

Item 078 of 360+

Leviathans. To answer your question, that’s what that creature with a mouth for a face is… So creepy and an interesting enemy for the Supernatural brothers, Sam and Dean. Today’s items are once again little figurines from the show Supernatural. The Sam one was cool but that Leviathan needs to get out of our house!!! Be gone, black goo spewing mouth creature!

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