Day 77 – Cross it Off

“Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of things brought together.” – Vincent Van Gogh

Do you like to make lists often about what you need to get done? I do it all the time. What we haven’t really done though with these lists is categorize them and be realistic about the things we want to get done. Making a list of everything that needs to get done around the house can get pretty lengthy and the times of year you can actually do these things may leave you keeping that on your list for quite some time. This can be discouraging when seeing you haven’t been marking things off your list as much as you’d like and you may be left feeling lazy or unaccomplished. Not only does keeping something on a list for so long leave you feeling unaccomplished, but who keeps a singular list for that long? You’re bound to lose it and you may start a new one and forget to carry that task over to the new list.

An interesting take on the whole list making process was reinvented by The Minimalists recently in one of their podcasts. They talked about categorizing your list preferences and have a “today list” and a “some day list.” That way when you have created your today list, you may be more inclined to get those tasks done within the day because it’s more manageable. If you still have time and have your tools out for some other task around the house, for example, then you can move into the some day list and cross another task off there. That way you’ll feel a lot more accomplished because not only did you entirely cross off your today list, but you even got something done on your some day list. 

I’m definitely going to try this new list making process as I really see a benefit to setting priorities differently. This can help you get more tasks done with having a smaller list because you’ll feel like it’s easier to get things done since you’re setting manageable tasks for yourself. I’ll try this out and in about a month I’ll let you know how it goes!

Item 077 of 360+

Today’s item is another POP figurine. You can tell we had quite a few of these and hence why we should be letting go of some of them… This is our 2nd identical Dean Winchester POP that’s going to be listed on eBay.

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