Day 74 – Game. Set. Match.

“Push yourself because no one else is going to do it for you.” – Rhyanna Watson

It’s monday, it’s the day after we changed the clocks, there is no better day than to talk about some motivation. Today’s quote should be rephrased in my opinion but I like the attitude and I like the motivation. Others may push you, others may motivate you, others may influence you but at the end of the day, it’s up to you. You are the deciding factor, no one else can push you like you can push you. My go-to when talking about pushing yourself is always in regards to getting in shape. When I was a kid, I was an athlete but I was always a bit chubby and still to this day, clumsy. So I’ve been there, I was overweight in grade school and the start of high school. I was lazy, had a bad diet (drank too much soda), started playing less sports and more video games. So what changed? It’s not like I didn’t want to be fit, because I did, but I just didn’t really have the reason or the motivation to do it. All I needed was my reason.

I am very competitive. Freshman year of high school I joined the Tennis team and rode the bench but not like the other people who ride the bench. Instead of sitting around talking or being upset about it, I watched the matches closely, listened to my coach and watched my team lose a lot, because we were really bad (lol). None of that mattered to me, I just enjoyed watching and was ready for an opportunity to play and prove myself. It could be cold, bad weather, little sunlight/time left to play, it didn’t matter, if coach asked if anyone wanted to do an exhibition (practice) match with the other team, I would volunteer. I wanted to get better, I always enjoyed playing tennis since I was a kid when I started with my Dad and with a mix of my competitive spirit, I knew I could do it.

Junior year was my turning point, I had played in some doubles matches my Sophomore year and I knew I was one step away from starting, I just needed to get in better shape. My Dad and I started going to Planet Fitness before the Spring Season to get in better shape. I also started getting some group lessons with the team and playing whenever I had the chance. The rest was history, I wasn’t in amazing shape Junior year, but I was noticeably more fit and I was the #2 starter for our team. Senior year I was in even better shape and was the #2 starter for the team again. Junior and Senior year we won our small division which will always be a fun memory for me, especially after seeing the team evolve from Freshman to Senior year, a 0-win defeated season to two above .500 division winning seasons.

I became close with one of the tennis pros named Tim from Birchwood Tennis Club where we received group lessons. He helped push me to be better and wanted me to continue playing. He thought I could make my college team if I kept up the grind by Junior year, similar to my high school story. I ultimately decided not to because I knew engineering would be strenuous and I was correct with that one. However, his words will always stay in my memory, he said I wasn’t built to play tennis (I’m short and built like a linebacker) but he knew I would succeed because I just had the heart and perseverance. He’s right, I can push myself like no one else ever could and I believe anyone can do it for themselves. I will always be thankful for tennis and of course my dad and coaches for my breakthrough. Shoutout to my Mom, grandparents, other relatives and friends who came to my matches too of course. Nowadays, I drive to stay in shape through dieting and getting to the gym much as I could. The gym is a part of my daily routine, it’s the same as waking up, brushing my teeth or eating.

Item 074 of 360+

Today’s item is a Dez Bryant Cowboys Pop! If Dez read this post, I think he would share a familiar drive to succeed. He was a very emotional and influential player on the Cowboys and was always so fun to watch. He will always be a Cowboy in my eyes and it’s only fitting to end the post by Throwin’ Up the X!

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